Digital Entropy is a RadioArt show created by Nikka, at TeslaFM. A program where there is uncertainty, cosmic disorder and chaos, but also cosmic order and harmony. This Program uses the metaphor of DIGITAL ENTROPY, to promote the different forms that Noise acquires takes within music, Sound-Art, Electroacoustics, Sound installations, Soundscapes, Synthesizers and music from Code programmers. One-hour electronic-experimental format sessions, where Silence will also be materialized, as a concept within Music and Sound Art.

Opposed to order is chaos, and in between … Nikka Bionikka’s program. WELCOME TO MY DIGITAL ENTROPY!

Synthesizers as Soundtracks
Different Waves of Sound Art

EMS ElektronMusikStudion

Viaje al Infinito: Ambient Noise

Bailando Electro con Marcianas
Electroacústica y Tape Music
Nuclosíntesis sonora

La Escucha Atenta
Spyros Polychronop

Escuchar con los Ojos – Primera Parte
Escuchar con los Ojos – Segunda Parte
Luz Nórdica

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