Nikka @ Ensems Festival 2018

The next 14th April Nikka will playing at Centre del Carme inside the Ensems Festival.
The Ensems festival celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.
Ensems: A space that sounds like a sound space. With the intention of breaking with any type of tag associated with the new creation, it is a space for everyone, a platform for reflection and R & D & I that integrates sound proposals of all kinds, including the tradition of popular music. Form a critical and responsible public, bring about reflections about art, visualize local cultural heritage as well as encourage the participation and involvement of all.
In addition there will be many varied proposals: installations, improvisation, performance, experimental, acoustic, electronic or mixed by the hand of 2e2m (Paris), Drumming Group Percussao (with Mikrophonie, the 1001 sounds of the paella. Homage to K. Stockhausen for the 10 years of his death), Spanish Brass (homage to F. Zappa for 25 years of his death), Amores Percussion Group, O3, Nikka with Alba G Corral (Visuals) Diamont Dancer, Tomoko Sauvage, Lluïsa Espigolé, Ricardo Capellino and Alberto Bernal , with the project 300 kg of music. In addition, we will have the participation of the Municipal Band and the Orchestra of Valencia, which will offer both absolute releases commissioned by Ensems.

© Copyright 2012 Nikka

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