***Nikka plays with sensations and with the interaction of the machines in their most pure state, creating each track while walks, skiping the sequences or anything that may intercede in the natural process of musical creation. It’s prety evident that she feels safe among machinery: she can express herself without the use of any subterfuge; she can whether build and destroy rhythms; or better she can create soundscapes that allow us to travel and suggest something at the same time.************************************************************

***A strength supported by smashing atmospheres that makes it an inalienable project, filled up with twisted sounds and afflicted compositions that deliver a raw and melancholic message.
But her tracks do not have at all the specific touch that might us think in unaddressed deserts of pristine futures; in an unknown but safe goal; in a clear idea made up of nightmares.********************

***In short, a musical work in which the artist gets melt with machinery to explore deeper in her own human being. A display of sensations that will touch everyone who listen to it. A stroll along the shades of multiple gazes. Nikka definitely leaves her own mark.******************************
***“Isotopos” has been smartly produced by the Barcelona-based musician Morbia. The French band Ab Ovo has also collaborated in a remix with their savoir faire and technique***

© Copyright 2012 Nikka

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